Gallery I

A World of Innovation

This gallery shows how continuous integrated circuit (IC) innovation has made ICs ubiquitous in our daily lives. ICs are tiny, yet they enormously enrich the way we live and drive technology beyond our imagination.

  • aThe Cycle of Innovation
  • bProduct Innovation and Evolution
  • cChip Innovation and Advancement
  • dInnovation Enriches Your Life
  • eAn Innovative and World-Changing Business Model
Gallery II

Unleashing Innovation

This gallery explores how TSMC and its dedicated IC foundry business model help unleash innovation in the global IC industry. As a trusted technology and capacity leader, TSMC helps its customers manufacture thousands of IC devices every year. These innovations continue to drive global technology advancement.

  • fTSMC at a Glance
  • gFounding of TSMC
  • hHow TSMC Unleashes IC Innovation
  • iOn the Time Machine with TSMC
Gallery III

Dr. Morris Chang, TSMC Founder

This gallery documents the life of TSMC founder, Dr. Morris Chang, including his childhood and education, career in the global IC industry, honors and achievements, family life, and personal interests. This multifaceted exhibit introduces the person whose contributions to the global IC industry continue to impact our lives today.

  • jChapters of Dr. Morris Chang
  • kAsk Dr. Morris Chang
  • lClosing Quote by Dr. Morris Chang

The TSMC Museum of Innovation encompasses three exhibition galleries: “A World of Innovation”, “Unleashing Innovation”, and “Dr. Morris Chang, TSMC Founder”. Please click on the floor plan to see the overview of each gallery.